Monday, May 21, 2018

Investor Exchange 2018 (brought to you by BIGScribe)

Investor Exchange 2018 will be back again this year after a successful sell-out event last year which sells more than 250 seats for the event.

This year, they have invited speakers who will be sharing their personal strategy in approaching their investment and how to grow the portfolio.

My understanding from the organizer is that unlike the other sharing session, there will be a lot of personal touches in this seminars because the speakers are encouraged to share their personal strategy which would otherwise be discreet to many.

I have been invited to present as one of the speakers along with Stanley (from Value Invest Asia), James (from Small Cap Asia), Rusmin (from Fifth Person) and our frequent guest speaker friendly neighbor Chris (from Tree of Prosperity). Chris, having made a sensation appearance last year with his grand topic "50 Shades of Investing" drew up plenty of eyebrow

Here are the topics that will be lined up:

1.) Spotting Growth Stocks in Today's Market

- by Stanley (from Value Invest Asia)

2.) GARP Investing Strategy

- by James (from Small Cap Asia)

3.) The Evolution of Dividend Strategy

- by Brian myself (from 3Fs)

4.) How You Can Build A Consistent Stream of Dividend Income

- By Rusmin (from Fifth Person)

5.) F.U Money

- by Chris (from Tree of Prosperity)

For my session, I have designed the slides in such a way that I hope will benefit both the beginners as well as seasoned investors. I have dissected my thinking cap and put them into the slides and hopefully doing it this way will enable the audience to see dividend investing in a different light altogether.

It is something which has personally benefited me in many ways since I adopted this strategy and I hope it can be useful too for the audience.

Investors Exchange 2018
14th Jul 2018 (Saturday)
Timing: 1-5pm
DBS Auditorium, Marina Bay Financial Tower 3

Grab your early bird discount ticket here at $49.

You can find the link here.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi B,

    Thanks for the information. will there be any additional lessons given other than personal sharings in the session?

    Since I am here, it will be nice for us to exchange blog rolls if you find my experience/posts worthy.

    1. Hi Frowns88

      There won't be a lesson it's more of a sharing of strategy in a short span of time to understand the high level during the session.

      Sure, I have added you to the blogroll as well :)

  2. I feel glade to get this information. This is helpful for traders who invest in comex live

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