Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Days Are Long The Years Are Short

The days are long but the years are short.

This is what parenthood has to offer and those who are parents yourself will understand where I am coming from.

My younger son turns 1 tomorrow and coincidentally he shared the same birth date and year as the son of one of the community blogger, LP (Happy birthday Zef!).

4th year of parenthood

This is technically my 4th year of parenthood since I become a parent in 2014 when my elder son was first born.

Back in the days, some days feel extremely long with the changing of the diapers, frequent visit to the doctor, constant worry of endless fever and many more.

Gradually, time passes and our second son was born in 2017. We were glad to have him onboard because he brings smiles to the family.

My younger son has a totally different character than the elder. The younger is more extrovert and he likes to eat fruits more. He also likes to bully his elder brother by taking and snatching the toys most of the time. They also quarreled often when they cannot get their way by using their baby language so we have to step in.

From our side, we became a lot more experienced with the routine stuff like buying and changing diapers, fishing for milk powder and burning energies for indoor playground during weekends.

We also recycled many of the clothes and toys so there are definitely economies of scale.

Split Time

Unfortunately, with two children, we have to split our focus and attention for one each.

The elder son now goes to the nursery class, so his schedule is more fixed like mine going to work but he still needs plenty of attention when he gets home.

Often, me and my wife have to take turns taking care of one each and this takes a toll on our body as we became more tired and have less personal time for everything else. We had to hire a personal nanny to take some of that time away so we could balance our allocation of the lives we want to live.

We have plans to send the younger one to a basic beginner music class, just for him to mix around with the other children and expose him younger to different musical instrument.

Moment To Cherish

It's been an incredible moment having the past 365 days with him as part of the family.

We haven't manage to spend the night sleeping together because we cannot afford to have a vicious cycle of one child crying over another in the middle of the night so we leave him mostly with the nanny.

For his special occasion, me and my wife have decided to celebrate by booking a private event photoshoot so we could commemorate this moment. So I have taken leave from work and that's where we are going to spend our time together.

And for many more moments to come in the future because the years are short.... We have to cherish them and not take them for granted.

~ 1 day old ~
~ 1 month old ~
~ 2 month old ~

~ 3 month old ~

~ 4 month old ~
Staycation at Shangrila Rasa Sentosa

~ 5 month old ~
Baby Spa Swimming Lesson

~ 6 month old ~

~ 7 month old ~
Entopia Butterfly Park @ Penang

~ 8 month old ~
Learning Monkey & Other animals

~ 9 month old ~
Palawan Pirates Ship @ Sentosa

~ 10 month old ~
Learning how to play pool

~ 11 month old ~
Kids Club @ Phuket

~ 364 days ~
1 more day to the full birthday

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  3. Hi, so cute.

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  4. Beautiful family! As a fellow parent, I understand how draining it can be when it comes to taking care of them.

  5. Beautiful photos - happy first birthday!