Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Investor Exchange 2017 - Your Firepower Guide To Investing

BIGScribe will be hosting their biggest event this year by partnering up with 7 well known and proven capable speakers at the Investors Exchange 2017. 

This event will be huge because it is a big crowd and there are various topics which will be covered by each individual, so it isn’t like we are only focusing about one part of the investing aspect. 

If you are those who loves Reits and dividend investing, there will be topics that cover that quite in depth by my fellow good friend, Chris from Tree of Prosperity and Kenny

If you are those who loves the quantitative method of valuing equities, you would also be able to learn the methodology of doing so. I have personally been a fan of reading Teh Hooi Leng book of “Show Me The Money” series and some of her methods in picking equities have proven to return very well. 

Joel is also a professional equities broker who has been trading professionally for a number of years. If you are interested in the ways to frame your mindset on how to handle trades, he will show you systematically how you can do that. 

Another friend which I am acquainted is Elvin Liang, who will be speaking about ways to scuttlebutt into things and management when looking at companies. I am sure his experience of sharing would be invaluable. 

It is a pity that I am unable to make to the event as I will be on a holiday overseas but this will definitely be a punch-packed event which will leave you with lots of financial literacy to learn from at the end of the day.

Last I heard tickets are selling fast and it is almost the last 10 seats left. Grab yours now.


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